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Blackpool Goings-On - Shows, Events and Resort News

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12 Rooms of Winter

The 12 Rooms of Winter flung open their doors to the public on Saturday 23rd January as part of what has now become an annual Access All Areas event at Winter Gardens Blackpool.   We explored:   - Empress Ballroom   - Opera House Which is home to the BarryDOOR...                                  And played host to the 2009 Royal Variety Performance...       - Pavilion Theatre - Horseshoe - Spanish Hall Which reminds me of Gene Kelly's rooftop antics...     - Baronial Hall Which takes…


One for R' Jack

He can be found in wax form alongside his "little puddleduck" wife Vera down at Madame Tussauds, but this weekend's events at the Winter Gardens would have been a sure-fire hit with a certain Mr Duckworth.    Corrie's Jack loved pigeons and he loved Blackpool, and with the 39th annual Royal Pigeon Racing Association Show of the Year getting underway this weekend in the resort, his two loves have clearly become intertwined.    Facts & Figs Takes place:  15-17 January Venue:  Winter Gardens   Pigeons on Parade:    2,500   People on Parade:   15,000   Range of transactions:   Tenner…