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TRIPLE C Blackpool Hotels - Clean, Cosy, Comfortable

If affordability is high on your agenda, then look no further than our TRIPLE C (Clean, Cosy, Comfortable) properties. They are Value for Money Verified - offering all the basics for when you need a room without all the bells and whistles.


Cheap Blackpool Hotels The Holmeleigh South Shore                               Cheap Blackpool Hotels Tuxford House South Shore


The Holmeleigh is situated perfectly in Blackpool's South Shore, a stone's throw away from the Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle Waterpark and Grosvenor Casino.


Tuxford House can be conveniently found halfway between Central and South Piers, on Alexandra Road. 


Cheap Blackpool Hotels The Gynway Town Centre    Cheap Blackpool Hotels The Hopton Central Pier


The Gynway is located just outside of Blackpool Town Centre, on Dickson Road close to Funny Girls.


The Hopton Hotel is next door to the Blackpool Heritage Tram Depot just off Lytham Road and close to Central Pier.


Cheap Blackpool Hotels Sussex Hotel North Shore    Cheap Blackpool Hotels Friends B&B Town Centre


Friends B&B on Reads Ave. is just a 10-minute walk from The Winter Gardens, The Blackpool Tower and the shops.


The Sussex Hotel is located on Pleasant Street just outside of Blackpool Town Centre, just around the corner from Funny Girls.


Cheap Blackpool Hotels Lynmoore Guest House South Shore


Lynmoore Guest House on Moore St. in South Shore is close to the South Pier and Blackpool Pleasure Beach.