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It has been said that it's the Little Touches that make a house a home, so when it comes to hotels we believe that it's the Little Touches that make them a home from home. 

I was incredibly lucky to start my career off at Walt Disney World, Florida, regarded as many as the pinnacle of hospitality and service. In forming my own company, I set out to keep the flag firmly flying (alliteration gone mad!) for outstanding Guest care in hospitality settings on this side of the Atlantic.

Little Touches started off as a pure consultancy business, and our improvement service remains at the heart of our travel site LittleTouches.com. Our GOLD properties demonstrate an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and we have a ball unleashing our creative juices with a bespoke one-upmanship service to assist them in their quest.

For no-fuss accommodation at low prices we have things covered with TRIPLE C: Clean, Cosy and Comfortable. The pillars of GOLD and TRIPLE C are backed up by site navigation which is user-friendly and in our view is a happy medium between the one-stop shop reservation engines and the more niche sites.

Little Touches is the sum of my experience of working at world's busiest theme park (Magic Kingdom), an exceptionally unique hotel (Animal Kingdom Lodge) and one of the largest holiday parks in Western Europe. During my time spent working at those hospitality heavyweights, I was always fascinated by seemingly abstract interactions and small tangible items making such colossal positive impacts in hospitality environments.

Quite simply, whether in Orlando, Florida or on home turf right here in Britain, the principle of Little Touches was the same: attention to detail reigned supreme in the eyes of Guests.

Tom Metcalf

Founder, Little Touches

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GOLD - Masters of Their Niche

Little Touches is a company that very much takes hold of the best and makes them even better. On this site, wherever you see GOLD, that means we have been hands-on improving an establishment’s offering. As far as we know, our travel site is the only one in the world to have adopted this philosophy.

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 Clean, Cosy, Comfortable

We acknowledge that there are many low-cost accommodation providers that do what they do as good as, if not better than the national budget chains, which on our site we bill TRIPLE C – Clean, Cosy and Comfortable. TRIPLE C listed hotels have not been through our creative process, but instead have been stringently checked first and foremost for safety and subsequently for providing exceptional value for money.

               TRIPLE C Clean Cosy Comfortable Blackpool Hotels

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ATD Superstars

On occasion, you may also stumble across one of our Attention To Detail Superstars. A rare breed across the hospitality industry, our definition is as follows:

ATD Superstars are the outsiders, the mavericks, the doing things differentliers* of the hospitality industry.

*No one ever complains about the word hoteliers !

You Have the Power

In recent years, the balance of power has swung – quite rightly – to you, the staying, paying Guest. Certain rating schemes are on their way out, and have never really assessed quality anyway, but have purely been a box ticking exercise forcing a nationwide standard of coat hangers and bedside lights. If anything, they've been facilities accreditation schemes and not a quality yardstick as they should have been from the word go.

Guest is God

Quality is in the eyes of the beholder, and if you haven’t already noticed, we disregard traditional grammar when it comes to the word Guest and use a capital G. In Indian hospitality their mantra is “Guest is God” and it is no different when it comes to Little Touches. You have the power to rate, slate or appreciate: review our members in a short and snappy manner or demonstrate your travel journalistic skills, the choice is yours.

Paid and Stayed ®

Other travel sites call them verified reviews, but we prefer the phrase Paid and Stayed ®. Taking the random out of reviews, you’ll find trustworthy accounts from those – and only those - who have first-hand experience of our establishments.


Guest is God Award winners all achieved 90% or more Guest Satisfaction in their Paid and Stayed reviews. View the service superstars from 2019 here and 2018 here