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Blackpool Goings-On - Shows, Events and Resort News

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Wine and Dine at LT GOLD's Kenley

Mark and Josie, owners of LT GOLD's Families and Couples Master The Kenley, situated within a quality cluster on St. Chad's Road, South Shore, Blackpool are pleased to announce the opening of their new in-house licensed steak restaurant Love Me Tender.      We think this is what Blackpool needed, rustic and a little retro with a touch of french cuisine along with veggie, coeliac and vegan options.    Mark Solomon, Executive Chef         With starters like Mark's famous King Prawns, Lancashire Black Pudding and Bacon flash fried topped with melted cheese, mains including Duck Breast in a secret sauce, a…


Fab in Feb - Far From Shuttered, More Full Steam Ahead

January was far from a quiet one in Blackpool. With the resort hosting the 45th Royal Pigeon Racing Association Show of The Year - the 40th to be held in Blackpool - that event alone brought 25,000 visitors to the Winter Gardens.   Prior to the UK's largest gathering of pigeon fanciers, WG's Opera House welcomed Britain's Got Talent for their annual auditions tour for the first time in five years, meaning another entertainment juggernaut making a beeline for Blackpool when it comes to outside broadcasts that require added razzmatazz.    The evidence is certainly amounting that Blackpool is far…