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Blackpool Transport Winter Bus and Tram Timetable Changes

  Bus and Tram timetables will change on Sunday 3 November to reflect demand throughout the Winter months and keep services running on time.   The changes are mainly due to the time of year as winter timetables come into effect whilst some small changes have been made to benefit travellers by further increasing reliability.   Most routes will run just as frequently as they do in the summer months, with Service 1, 2c and 7 seeing slight changes in how often they run. Trams will run up to every 15 minutes during the day 7 days a week and some…


Painting The Town - Blackpool's Very Own Colour Palette

  An innovative new commercial partnership project is aiming to revitalise Blackpool and reinvigorate its community by painting the town in a specially created range of colours inspired by resident stories and memories of the resort.   LeftCoast, in partnership with Johnstone’s Paint, has created a range of decorative paint colours called "Painting the Town." The range has been developed out of a LeftCoast artist commission delivered by Blackpool based artist, Laura Shevaun Green, who wanted to develop a palette of colours inspired by resident stories to illustrate the resilience of the town and its communities.   Each of the…