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Blackpool Goings-On - Shows, Events and Resort News

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100K Pack The Prom for the 108th Blackpool Air Show

  Over 100,00 people attended the two-day Blackpool Air Show spectacular on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August.   The 2017 Air Show - the very definition of a mainstay of the Blackpool events calendar with its 108th outing - saw a packed promenade from South Pier to North Pier and pavements ten persons deep across the resort were a regular sighting all weekend long.    Closing each day at around 4pm, the RAF Red Arrows dazzled droves upon droves of residents and visitors alike with their ups and downs and round and rounds in the sky.  Moving the Air Show from…


DON'T MISS Joe Pasquale - The Devil In Disguise at Viva Blackpool

We all have a good side and a dark side, and a backside, so come and witness Joe showing off all three, in a show that defies description...He's been away searching for the fabled ancient merkin (Google it) of Macedonia, once owned by Genghis Khan's Nan (Maud), who used to wear it for special occasions, but only if she was going to Lidl on the way home. Witness Joe explain the mysteries of why the four horseman of the apocalypse will be arriving on my little ponies, and what Action Man held with those gripping'll be a show you…


Supernatural at The Seaside with Blackpool Ghost Walks

  For Blackpool Ghost Walks host Stephen Mercer, his interest in the supernatural has spanned over three decades, yet the turning point for him pursuing his passion in a new format came in Halloween 2006 when he was due to perform a night-time tour at The Grand, where he believed 30 were registered to attend. In the end, it turned out they'd missed a nought off, as the actual tally was 300 visitors all eager to know more about the past presences lurking in the theatre billed as architect Frank Matcham's Matcham Masterpiece.   From that sell-out, a series spawned that would see Stephen…


BUMPER BUNDLE with Merlin's Blackpool Big Ticket

    Bumper Bundle   Plump for the Merlin Blackpool Big Ticket and make collective savings of more than 50% on the individual standard admission prices.    6 Attractions, Valid for 90 days at just £46 for Adults and £33.50 for Children.    Call 01253 546 058 or pop into the LT Ticket Office at 110 Bond Street. Reserve a Room, Right this Way