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Spotlight On Goldsoul Blackpool & Whitby - Kev Roberts

  With Goldsoul's Blackpool and Whitby events a mainstay of the events calendar in two of our flagship destinations, we saw it as only right to shine a spotlight on the man behind the rekindling of music memories - Kev Roberts.    What is the history of Goldsoul events and how did it first come about ?   Goldsoul came about in the early 90s as a vehicle to improve the customer experience at Soul events. There was too much emphasis on "scene behaviour" without a welcome sign and better facilities. We sought superior venues and started to research heavily.     …


Blackpool's Stand-Out Shoreline - World's 2nd Best

  When it comes to shorelines, it is now a sure-thing that Blackpool's is a stand-out. Leading psychologist Dr David Holmes and travel blogger Laila Swann teamed up to head up a study into the world's top sandy stretches, with Blackpool being crowned the second greatest in the Royal Caribbean investigation.   The resort is in good company on the official list, with esteemed destinations such as the Gulf Islands (including Florida and Mississippi) and Dubai keeping closeby in third and first place respectively. The formula responsible for the rankings is as follows:   (SC+CH) X (IF+SQ) X100/21.33 AQ+C+W Sea Colour (SC), Sand…


Cancer Survivorship - Official Accommodation Provider

Well before the exciting prospect of the pull the new Winter Gardens conference centre will have on bringing big ticket political and industry meetings to the resort from 2019, Blackpool hosts a prestigious global health and medical event - the Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Conference on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November 2017.    Having been held for one day in Liverpool in 2016, one has now become two days as the visionary behind the conference, Chris Curtis, brings it to his hometown of Blackpool. Day 1 is dedicated to Health Professionals coming together, with Day 2 being for Patients and…