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Spotlight On Goldsoul Blackpool & Whitby - Kev Roberts

Blackpool Tower Northern Soul World Dance Final


With Goldsoul's Blackpool and Whitby events a mainstay of the events calendar in two of our flagship destinations, we saw it as only right to shine a spotlight on the man behind the rekindling of music memories - Kev Roberts. 


What is the history of Goldsoul events and how did it first come about ?


Goldsoul came about in the early 90s as a vehicle to improve the customer experience at Soul events. There was too much emphasis on "scene behaviour" without a welcome sign and better facilities. We sought superior venues and started to research heavily. 



How long have you been running your events in Blackpool and what makes you keep on coming back ?


As a DJ I worked the patch in the early 70s before promoting in 1998 at the Cala Gran Holiday Park, Fleetwood. The Tower and Winter Gardens came into play from 2006. 



Do people come from far and wide for your events ?


Literally world wide, however the core are still the following areas: North West, West Midlands, Yorkshire, East Midlands and North East.



What does holding your events in iconic venues such as the Winter Gardens and Tower Ballroom add to the occasion ?

Our target 45-69s want not only comfort but more of a grandiose type setting. Blackpool is blessed with two spectacular venues.



In a nutshell - the Goldsoul Blackpool events:


Tower Soul WeekenderPretty much traditional Northern Soul with a bit of Modern and Motown

(November 10-12 2017, May 4-6 2018)


Xmas and New Years Fun night with Soul hits and some Northern

(9th and 31st December)


Bank Holiday Winners Special Traditional Northern Soul, the best of 

(May 27th 2018)


International Soul Festival Superior event based around live acts, a Q&A session with a legendary industry stalwart, six rooms of different styles of soul with a top notch DJ line up 

(June 15th-17th 2018)


Northern Soul Reunion For those who were there in the 70s and new recruits too ! 

(July 14th 2018)



How important is social media in getting the word out there about your events ?


Definitely, we are reaching out further and further year on year. 



Can you give us an overview of how your events in Whitby came about and how they have grown there over the years ?


Whitby came about when my colleague Bill Snow recommended we promote a Weekender at the Pavillion. Once visited there was no turning back. A delightful town with engaging charm and perfect for early July. The original Yorkshire Weekender since 2002 !


Whitby Soul Weekender (July 6th to 8th 2018),

Whitby Motown Weekender (September 14th to 15th 2018)



Any final thoughts ?


Very happy with how the scene has progressed over the last half century. Musically there is diversity, different levels of interest and fun attached to the nightly experience. Whatever floats your boat soul is out there. 



Reserve a Room, Right this Way (Blackpool)


Reserve a Room, Right this Way (Whitby)