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Cancer Survivorship - Official Accommodation Provider

Well before the exciting prospect of the pull the new Winter Gardens conference centre will have on bringing big ticket political and industry meetings to the resort from 2019, Blackpool hosts a prestigious global health and medical event - the Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Conference on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November 2017. 


Having been held for one day in Liverpool in 2016, one has now become two days as the visionary behind the conference, Chris Curtis, brings it to his hometown of Blackpool. Day 1 is dedicated to Health Professionals coming together, with Day 2 being for Patients and Carers. 

The conference will pose questions about awareness, support, knowledge and the challenges of 5 year survivorship.


Inspired by leading national and international thinkers, the conference will explore how, by introducing greater passion and understanding into the system, patients, carers and the people who work with them, make informed choices, continue learning and aspire to world-class performance. 


Chris Curtis

World Cancer Patient Ambassador

Founder, The Swallows 



Little Touches has been a supporter of Chris' charity The Swallows for many years and the charity shop is now one of our neighbours, as it is located on Waterloo Road in South Shore, just a few streets away from our Bond Street base.


Chris Curtis - The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Charity and World Cancer Patient Ambassador

Across both days a mix of keynote speakers, exhibitions and fringe activities awaits, anchored by the strands of Awareness, Support and Knowledge, with the aim of stimulating collaborative thinking. All speakers will either be incorporating the three pillars into their presentation or honing in on one particular aspect.


There will be a maximum of 200 delegates each day in Blackpool itself, with health professionals and patients and carers alike from across the world being able to join in the conversation remotely through the following Twitter hashtag:


Blackpool Cancer Conference Hashtag

The conference marks the official twinning of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals with Boston's Lowell General Hospital, so perhaps it is only fitting that a keynote speaker of significant stature from the States headlines. Indeed, Arthur M. Lauretano from Lowell General Hospital will take to the stage to do just that. 


Arthur M. Lauretano of Lowell General Hospital - Keynote Speaker at Blackpool Cancer Conference

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Take Place: 

Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November from 9am to 5pm



Village Resort, opposite Stanley Park and next to Blackpool Zoo



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Twinning of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals with Lowell General Hospital for Cancer


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