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Blackpool Trams prepare for busy Illuminations season

Light Rail Tram on Blackpool Promenade


More trams will be running from Sunday 30th August as Blackpool Transport prepares to safely carry customers during the Illuminations season.


Blackpool’s Tramway re-opened on 19th July following a temporary closure due to Covid-19. Since then, Blackpool Transport have gradually increased the frequency of trams to meet customer demand during the summer holidays.


As the Illuminations season approaches, Blackpool Transport have announced further increases to the tram frequency, meaning trams will run up to every 10 minutes in the busy Illuminations evenings, running even later on Fridays and Saturdays.


Extra trams will also be made available and will run as needed to keep customers safe, meaning all available trams will be in operation at peak times.


We’re using all of our available resources to run a frequent tram service which will allow our visitors and residents to travel with us as safely as possible during the busy Illuminations months. Our conductors are doing their best to manage capacity onboard, but we need customers to work with us and only board a tram if there is space to safely do so.

Jane Cole, Managing Director at Blackpool Transport 




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