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Step Back In Time at Blackpool's Regent Cinema

Auditorium at Blackpool's Regent Cinema


The words Established 1921, Reclaimed 2016 are what greet all visitors to The Regent Cinema, located on Church Street in the heart of Blackpool Town Centre. Following its heyday as a cinema, the venue carried on the entertainment baton as it spent some time as a bingo hall, later being the home of pay as you go snooker before closing in 2011. 


Fast-forward to 2017 and within just a year of reopening The Regent Cinema has quickly become part of the things to see and do furniture once again. It's full marks for familiarity as the roster of classics is a who's who of cinema blockbusters: Jaws, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Singin' in The Rain, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind and many, many from the Chaplin and Hitchcock collections.


What is less familiar to modern cinema-goers, however, is the combination of a throwback to an early 20th Century seating novelty, married with the convenience of a proper place to put things down. 


Couples Seats are available meaning you can cosy up to your nearest and dearest and get lovey dovey with your loved one with a pew that seats two.


Tables are a permanent fixture next to all seats too, eliminating the faffing found with many armrest cupholders as popcorn, hotdogs, sweets and drinks can be kept together in one 180 degree place.


Auditorium at Blackpool's Regent Cinema


The prescence of simple everyday items, encountered in a different context causes the otherwise mundane to become memorable, well before the lights are dimmed for the movie. Looking to the historic features, the motif of sculpted galloping horses on the wall adds to the step back in time ambiance, as does the still working retractable roof.


Architecture Features at Blackpool's Regent Cinema   Architecture Features at Blackpool's Regent Cinema


Indeed, the level of detail isn't restricted to the fixtures and fittings either, as whilst for Stealers Wheel it might have been clowns to the left, jokers to the right, at The Regent it is Monroes to one side and Bogarts to the other should you need the loo. 


Monroe Ladies Toilets at Blackpool's Regent Cinema   Bogart Gents Toilets at Blackpool's Regent Cinema


With plans to introduce the latest releases alongside all time faves in 2018, the historic backdrop will soon meet bang up to dates from all the major Hollywood studios. The venue will also continue to host bingo with a Blackpool twist on the last Saturday of each month, which host Vicky La Plume promises to be "a night of fun, food and frocks for you all to enjoy !"


The charm of The Regent Cinema lies in the fact that it is the last old school cinema standing in Blackpool, a town that once boasted over thirty. Multiplexes are great, they are what they are, with all the bells and surround sound whistles, but you just can't beat a bit of bygone, so get yourselves down to this splendid picturehouse and experience the silver screen at its most innocent and mesmerizing best.  


Seating at Blackpool's Regent Cinema


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