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Skool of Street's Arti at The Grand Theatre - Official Accommodation Provider

Skool of Street Dance School Presents Arti at The Grand Theatre Blackpool - 27 May 2018

Arti is reviewing the situation in this spectacular fusion of Spoken Word, Physical Theatre and Dance. Enter the Deep Dark underground world of the villainous CC and The Catz crew, follow the playful Protojayz as they are unlawfully educated in the hustle of the streets by the Bad Influence of their master Fazin. Will The Fortune sisters be able to Save any of these orphans from their immoral life style?


The tale of a young boy, entangled in a life of crime, twisted in the chaos and corruption of two adults who both want to win his loyalty. 'Arti' has to find his own way in a cruel and heartless world, where he has been left to fend for himself among the manipulative schemes of these greedy and unsavoury characters. Influenced by the criminality of Fazin and CC, hunted and taunted by the ruthless Catz crew, Arti knows that all he wants in life is to be good at something- but what? This feels like the only way for him. After the untimely death of his friend Frieda Fortune at the hands of his new master, Arti is brushed with his first ever stroke of Good Luck, and is finally offered the chance to learn Right from Wrong. The story is told through a Thrilling fusion of Spoken word and Urban Dance, with original tracks written and produced by Mark Bell (Blakkat), and Kris Evans. 


Skool of Street are a Blackpool based organisation who work with the community to develop the Arts endeavour of young people. We offer free workshop and training opportunities for people who want to get creative! The charity was set up in 2013 and has offered a vibrant and exciting programme in the Area ever since. 



We are the first step for many young people. Its taking that first step that can define your choice to develop something in the future, so it is important that we make our environment welcoming, safe and non- judgemental for anyone who wants to be a part of our projects

- Samantha Bell, Artistic Director



Skool of street is a pathway organisation for 'Wingz Theatre Works' and the charity has a clear trajectory for young people who get involved. Opportunities range from coming along to have fun, to work experience and career opportunities and everything in between. WingZ Theatre Works have collaborated with Skool of Street to produce this thrilling new piece of Theatre. 



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