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LuceMajicus - New Blackpool Attraction on Bond Street

LuceMajicus - Family Attraction in Bond Street South Shore Blackpool with Magic, Indoor Illuminations and Animals


We’re proud to announce the introduction of a new attraction to Blackpool’s South Shore.


LuceMajicus is the newest of the Blackpool attractions - an immersive and interactive experience, perfect for families and captivating for any age. This attraction is unique in how it unites the latest technology with the Chinese tradition of lantern craft to create an illuminating walk-through attraction and is truly an experience not to be missed.


Walk through the illuminated garden area, see the live reptiles, the aviary of beautiful birds and then the aquarium of tropical fish. Meet with Luce the Lizard, an Argus Monitor, more than a metre long now but probably growing considerably longer. The Chinese area is wondrous, including the Chinese First Emperor and his lions, the dragons, the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs and the iconic Terracotta Warriors. In addition, there is yet another area that every visitor will be delighted to see, but you’ll have to visit to find out what it is.


LuceMajicus is a great new attraction for families with young children with space for learning and discovery which we highly recommend. The attraction is located on Bond Street in South Shore, just around the corner from Waterloo Road and down the road from the Little Touches Ticket Office. Tickets for the attraction can be purchased from our Ticket Office or by giving us a ring on 01253 546 058.


LuceMajicus is also the very first Blackpool Attraction to be granted Unofficial Add-On status by Little Touches ®, meaning you can round up your purchase of a Merlin Big Ticket or any Blackpool Zoo ticket to take things from 7 Attractions into 8 or simply double the fun factor whilst in the resort.  



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