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Winter Gardens Ghost Hunts will be “dead popular”


Supernatural Events is returning to Blackpool Winter Gardens to host its popular ghost hunts and investigations in July, August and October this year. Much paranormal activity has been reported for many years within the famous complex and now those brave souls who attend will get to investigate some amazing locations including the Opera House, Empress Ballroom, The Pavilion Theatre and the Spanish Suite to find out what really goes on when the doors are locked, lights switched off and everyone has left the building!


The first paranormal event will take place in The Opera House on Friday 12 July. The present theatre is the third to have been built within the Winter Gardens; it opened on 14 July 1939 boasting the largest stage in the country. Will you be brave and go behind the velvet curtain of this amazing theatre in search of ghostly goings-on? On the night you will investigate the auditorium, the circle, above and below the stage and even the original projector room where the old projectionist is said to haunt!


Winter Gardens Blackpool Opera House


On Friday 30 August there are two locations within the Winter Gardens to investigate; the Empress Ballroom and The Pavilion Theatre. The ballroom opened during the summer of 1896 and was one of the largest in the world. During the Great War, the entire Winter Gardens site was thrown open to the naval and military forces stationed nearby; could that be why many of seen uniformed men wandering through the great room? Who is the boy seen sitting next to the steps leading up to the balcony? Perhaps you will find out. You will also visit The Pavilion Theatre where whispering voices and strange laughter have been heard and you may even see the lady who is said to watch over the theatre from one of its boxes!


The final eerie event arranged will take place on Friday 25 October and will be held in The Spanish Suite, which some have said is the home of the Winter Garden’s most haunted locations. The Baronial Hall designed in the guise of a medieval castle; The Renaissance Room, an exquisite, period-style hall created with grandeur and glamour in mind in 1931; and The Spanish Hall, a lavishly themed spectacular hall representing an Andalucian village. Many who have already wandered through the suite have tales to tell of their own sightings, strange noises and shadowy figures as well as those who have been chased out of the rooms by something they couldn't see although they could hear the sound of footsteps behind them!


Winter Gardens Blackpool Spanish Hall


Anthony Williams, Winter Gardens Blackpool Sales & Marketing Manager, said: “It’s fantastic to welcome Supernatural Events back to the Winter Gardens Blackpool as we continue to expand and diversify the type of events taking place in the iconic venue. Stephen and Supernatural Events bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight, which is sure to make the events a truly unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to get tickets to explore the venue after dark.”


It has been almost eight years since I held paranormal events within the Winter Gardens and I cannot wait to take people back into this amazing complex. The three investigations planned for this year will no doubt be as popular as the original events were. There have been many stories of ghosts and phantoms over the years and those who came on previous tours in these venues have seen and heard many strange things… Are these locations haunted? I can only say that if you are fortunate enough to be able to book a place on the investigations, you may get to find out for yourself!”


Stephen Mercer,

Founder of Supernatural Events



Supernatural Events returns to the Opera House on Friday 12 July; the Empress Ballroom and The Pavilion Theatre on Friday 30 August; and finally the Spanish Suite on Friday 25 October. Each investigation will begin at 9pm and finish at 2am and are suitable for 18 year olds and above. Tickets are just £25 and must be booked in advance at



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