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Blackpool Transport continues fleet renewal with 15 more high tech buses

Blackpool Transport 15 new enviro200 Mayor Cllr Amy Cross Ribbon Cut

Mayor of Blackpool, Cllr Amy Cross cuts the ribbon on the 15 new Enviro200 buses with Jane Cole (Managing Director, Blackpool Transport), Cllr Paul Galley (Chair, Blackpool Transport) and Sally Shaw (Director of People and Stakeholders, Blackpool Transport).


In 2016, Blackpool Transport made a commitment to the local authority, the people of Blackpool and the millions of visitors to the town to implement a continuous replacement programme for its 140-strong bus fleet. Since then, Alexander Dennis (ADL) has supplied 55 Enviro400 City double deckers and 33 Enviro200 single decker buses.


Working closely with Blackpool Transport, ADL has adapted its buses to the operator’s premium ‘Palladium’ standard. In addition to free Wi-Fi, e-leather seating, wood effect flooring and both audio and visual stop announcements, this specification has evolved for this year’s buses with the addition of wireless charging in the seats’ headrests, meaning customers will not even need a wire to charge their compatible phone on the go.



Blackpool Transport 15 new enviro200 Wireless Charging and USB Sockets


This year’s delivery comprises of eleven 11.8m long Enviro200 with 43 seats, and four shorter 9.7m Enviro200 seating 34 passengers. All are equipped with ADL’s SmartPack efficiency technology which further reduces fuel consumption and emissions of the clean Euro 6 engines. They will be used on Blackpool Transport services 6 and 7.


This is a wonderful milestone in our journey of collaboration with Alexander Dennis. The latest delivery of Enviro200 buses once again introduces features which have never been seen before in Blackpool and brings us ever closer to our target of having no bus older than five years by 2020. The features which we now offer as standard as part of our Palladium brand have been driven by feedback from our customers and ADL have been able to deliver on our specific customer-led requests time and time again. It’s an exciting time in Blackpool and we’re proud that we’re able to offer a public transport network which matches the ambitions and vision of the town.


Jane Cole, Managing Director of Blackpool Transport


Blackpool Transport 15 new enviro200 team and stakeholders with Mayor Cllr Amy Cross

Mayor of Blackpool, Cllr Amy Cross and Blackpool Transport Managing Director, Jane Cole are joined by the Blackpool Transport team and stakeholders at the launch of the new buses.


Charlie Miller, ADL Regional Sales Manager, said: “It has been our pleasure to work closely with the team at Blackpool Transport not only in the design, delivery and operation of their fleet of ADL buses, but also on other visionary projects aimed at increasing bus patronage and making the bus a more inclusive environment. At ADL we are proud to have been part of this journey with Blackpool Transport – reigniting the public’s passion for travelling by bus, challenging customers’ perceptions of public transport and making the bus an enjoyable experience for anyone and everyone.”


The new buses were officially launched on Monday 24th June with the new buses operating in service daily from Sunday 23rd June 2019.


Blackpool Transport 15 new enviro200



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