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What’s New at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2022


Blackpool Pleasure Beach reopens for the 2022 season with the first of the parks White Knuckle Weekends on Saturday 12th February. 2022 is set to be an exciting year for guests visiting the park. A number of new additions to the park will see the world’s best water ride is reimagined, the UK’s first double-launch rollercoaster gets twisted and the world’s longest-running ice show is back with a new production.



Valhalla is back for the 2022 summer season at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Brave the adventure as you travel through the Best Water Ride in the World, as voted for an amazing six consecutive years in the Golden Ticket Awards. These global awards recognise and shine a spotlight on the ‘best of the best in the international theme park world.



Get ready to experience fantastic special effects and extreme elements like no other ride. This high-speed, multi-sensory dark water ride takes you on a journey through scenes of fire, snow and freezing mists whilst you travel in Viking longboats on this six-minute journey. Complemented by a new stunning soundtrack to complete this multi-sensory experience – get ready to brave Valhalla – Back for 2022!


ENSŌ - ICON with a twist

The UK’s first and only double launch rollercoaster ICON is getting twisted this/next Summer with ENSŌ. In a first for Europe, ICON’s rear seats have been adapted so that riders can spin and twist freely during the ride’s existing thrilling duration. 


ICON’s exhilarating high speed accelerations, electrifying twists and turns and heart stopping interactions will all be turned up to a whole new level by ENSŌ.

ICON launches riders with the same acceleration as a Formula One car, rising and swooping through numerous interactions with other rides before hitting a second launch which powers riders high above Blackpool Pleasure Beach. ENSŌ magnifies these thrills and creates a whole new experience for those who dare to get twisted.



Hot Ice - Rapture

Take your seats and enjoy the must-see ice skating spectacular, Hot Ice, and this year’s show Rapture. Taking place in the purpose-built ice theatre, Pleasure Beach Arena, Hot Ice is the world’s longest-running ice show and this, its 86th year, promises to be as fast-paced and beautifully spectacular as ever.



Walk The Big One XL

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is giving guests the chance to experience the UK’s tallest rollercoaster like never before. Walk the Big One XL takes participants on a guided tour of the Big One which covers many ups and downs of the famous 235ft tall ride and will take them to places the public will have never been before.

Building on the success of the existing Walk The Big One experience, which allows guests to climb the lifthill of the ride, Walk The Big One XL takes in even more of the ride. 


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