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ENSŌ spins into Blackpool Pleasure Beach

ENSŌ Blackpool Pleasure Beach ICON Riders


ENSŌ opens for preview rides from Saturday 2nd April


The UK’s first and only double launch rollercoaster ICON is getting twisted this Easter with ENSŌ. In a first for Europe, ICON’s rear seats have been adapted so that riders can spin and twist freely during the ride’s existing thrilling duration. 


ICON’s exhilarating high speed accelerations, electrifying twists and turns and heart stopping interactions will all be turned up to a whole new level by ENSŌ.


ICON launches riders with the same acceleration as a Formula One car, rising and swooping through numerous interactions with other rides before hitting a second launch which powers riders high above Blackpool Pleasure Beach. ENSŌ magnifies these thrills and creates a whole new experience for those who dare to get twisted.


ENSŌ is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism and means circle or sometimes circle of togetherness. It is traditionally drawn using only one brushstroke and symbolises the art of strength, elegance and letting go of expectations.


ENSŌ has been added to one of ICON’s existing trains so because of this the ride has limited capacity and requires advance booking. ENSŌ bookings have two levels, Standard and VIP. Standard means that guests will wait the same time as the queue for the ride on the day of their visit and VIP reduces this queue time by 90%.


ENSŌ is bookable on the day of a guest’s visit, whilst they are at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. In order to book ENSŌ, guests will need to access Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s web app, where their eTicket already is, then select Ride Queue Times. They then click on ENSŌ, select whether they would like Standard or VIP and complete the purchase.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Mack Rides have a strong, long standing relationship that goes back many years and has seen our families work together on many projects. When Mack Rides approached us with the development concept of spinning seats, we knew straight away this was an exciting idea, especially as this means ICON is the only Mack ride in the northern hemisphere to have this upgrade. I hope many guests will take the chance to get twisted this Easter with ENSŌ.

Amanda Thompson OBE

CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach



Blackpool Pleasure Beach opens daily from Saturday 2nd April for the Easter holidays. Entrance to the park is with an eTicket. For more information, or to purchase an eTicket, please visit www.LittleTouches.com/blackpoolshop



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