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The Blackpool Piers

South, Central and North Pier 

Written by LT's Georgia Haughton 


Each pier has its own personality. I've always had a fascination with the piers since I was a child, every time I went, I would always relish in every moment spent there; the 3 Piers are an excellent add on to Blackpool's beach.   


The South Pier 

The South Pier is known for its thrilling rides and its interior design that makes it look like you've walked into a circus tent. Blackpool South Pier Carousel This pier has some lovely gift shops at the centre that you’ll be sure to check out. With some of the most astonishing rides you could imagine, the South Pier is definitely the one for thrill seekers. Truthfully, I've never been brave enough to tackle the Adrenalin Zone's SkyCoaster or the reverse bungee, but I have seen a few people have a go, are you brave enough?  


The Central Pier 

The Central Pier is mostly known for the giant Big Wheel in the centre of it. This pier is also the place of the extravagant showbar that is host to the Blackpool Central Pier Big Wheel popular show Kings & Queens of Rock Pop and Roll that features tribute acts to some of the most famous singers of all time. 

The Big Wheel is one way to view the incredible promenade, I'd suggest going  up during the evenings of October to get a view of the fantastic Illuminations, just remember to wrap up warm.  


The North Pier 

The longest and oldest of all three piers, and my personal favourite, I love the ambience. The North Pier has music almost constantly playing through speakers that are along the entire passage. Blackpool North PierThis pier doesn’t have much on compared to the others. I love the view from North Pier, looking towards the tower is a beautiful site that I'm lucky enough to view as frequently as I like.  

My favourite part about the North Pier is the incredibly detailed carousel that has two floors to it, I fell in love with the carousel the first time I laid eyes on it as a child. I personally make an effort to go on it every time since it was something I did frequently with my mum as a child. 


The Blackpool Piers are an amazing time for people of all ages, it’s certainly one not to miss. The piers are a must have experience for every Blackpool go-er, with some of the best views you’ll see, you’ll leave with memories you’ll never forget. Blackpool's piers have been around for over a hundred and fifty years, they are filled with history. The three piers stand tall and proud into the Irish sea and they have become landmarks for Blackpool. 


Here at LT we have a wide range of hotels located around the Blackpool Piers, call us today on 01253 546 058 and come to Blackpool to see for yourself the incredible views from all three piers.  Make your Blackpool staycation one to remember.



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